GALAXXIS street lamps · SIRIUS 20W 24W

Our innovative GALAXXIS LED street lamps offer convincing internal and external qualities. They do not only stand out with their superior luminosity and design but also with their low energy consumption and robust technology.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Up to 50%  energy savings compared to conventional light sources
  • Climate-friendly due to improved energy balance
  • Simple installation
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Durable design
  • No harmful illuminants
  • Less attraction of insects

No matter whether it is used to illuminate streets or car parks, the GALAXXIS technology “made in Germany” keeps its promises. With its adjustable pole-mounting bracket the system is very flexible and easy to install. The robust design is resistant to vandalism with the individual LEDs being insulated and protected by special lenses.

The fine-tuning between the converter and the LEDs ensures a high efficiency of 85 % in terms of power consumption and light output. The energy efficiency of the lamps can be further increased by dimming using the control phase – a feature provided as standard.

For further details please refer to our product information:

SIRIUS 24W - LED-replacement for E27 installation
SIRIUS 20W - LED-replacement for E27 installation
SIRIUS 16W - LED-replacement for E27 installation

GALAXXIS 2.0-32 datasheet
GALAXXIS 2.0-45 datasheet
GALAXXIS 2.0-60 datasheet

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