Sustainability for people and the environment

Energy efficiency and sustainability are hot topics in the illuminated advertising and lighting design industry.

The hansen LED Tube and the hansen LED Chain are key elements of our new GREEN LIGHT TECHNOLOGY. Both products use LEDs in a series connection, which reduces energy consumption and hence CO2 emissions.


  • Approx. 25% energy savings thanks to series-connected LEDs
    compared to conventional 12 V systems with parallel LEDs
  • Up to 25% less CO2 emissions (depending on the type of power generation)
    compared to conventional 12 V systems with parallel LEDs
  • Improved lifetime thanks to approx. 25% lower heat generation
    compared to conventional 12 V systems with parallel LEDs
  • Light can be dimmed by central control
    the brightness can be readily adapted, also at a later stage
  • Light-dependent control of lighting systems
    night-time dimming, timed switch-off or special control schemes for events
  • Retroactive dimming, e.g. to meet stricter light pollution requirements
    allows new requirements to be met when legal provisions become stricter
  • Advice & know-how for an energy-efficient use
    we support our customers in the planning and implementation of their projects with our many years of experience

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Hansen products

Since 1984 the name Hansen stands for innovative and high-quality products for lighting projects. Having concentrated on neon in the past, it is now LED technology that stands in our focus as an energy-saving and versatile technology.

The following pages provide you with a comprehensive overview of our offering. Our convenient database search helps you to find detailed information on each product.

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