High-power LED converters

Our electronic converters are the right choice for the operation of series-connected high-power LEDs. The input voltage is rectified and smoothed by means of a capacitor. A complementary electronic circuitry ensures a constant output current.

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500 mA
LED Converter C500/24  Order no. 52350024
LED Converter C500/48  Order no. 52350050
LED Converter C500/120D  Order no. 52350120
LED Converter C500/200D  Order no. 52350200
LED Converter C500/200 DALI  Order no. 52599904

700 mA | 750 mA
LED Converter C700/150D  Order no. 52351700
LED Converter C700/215D   Order no. 52352700
LED Converter C700/357D  Order no. 52352750
LED Converter C750/30    Order no. 52351130
LED Converter C750/85D     Order no. 52351085
LED Converter C750/140 DALI   Order no. 52599905

Converter housing - overview
Converter cabinet
Converter box 5-bay
Converter box 10-box

LED Converter - installation instructions

Converter housings


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Hansen products

Since 1984 the name Hansen stands for innovative and high-quality products for lighting projects. Having concentrated on neon in the past, it is now LED technology that stands in our focus as an energy-saving and versatile technology.

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