Light Profile Carmen

The light profile “Carmen” is a linear LED luminaire designed for room, workplace or accent lighting purposes.
In addition, it can be used for the illumination/floodlighting of objects, pictures, advertising spaces etc.

The key features of “Carmen” are:

  • Circular cross-section of the profile
  • Custom-made length, max. 3,000 mm
  • Two different power classes
  • Four light colours: 3,000 K · 4,000 K · 5,000 K · 6,500 K
  • 12 volts - safety extra-low voltage (SELV) operation

The LEDs are contained in an aluminium profile which can be partially filled with a potting compound making the luminaire suitable for outdoor installation (IP65).

The internal components are protected by covers made of translucent plastic. Special aluminium covers for the profile ends give the luminaire an attractive, harmonious appearance.

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