Luminous Panels and magnetic frames

Whether indoors or outdoors – due to their low overall depth our LED Luminous Panels are always a good choice, for example for backlighting digital prints or acrylic glass panes. At the same time, the panels are extremely lightweight and suitable for picture sizes of up to 2,000 mm x 1,200 mm. Shining in modern, clear white light or setting coloured accents – the Luminous Panel always creates a highly aesthetic result which requires very little maintenance.

For further technical details and information please refer to the following links:

Colour Temperature Sample Set

Frameless Luminous Panel - description
Frameless Luminous Panel - datasheet

Luminous Panel – description (Basic & Power)

Luminous Panel - data sheet - Slim
Luminous Panel - data sheet - Basic Indoor
Luminous Panel - data sheet - Basic Outdoor
Luminous Panel - data sheet - Power

Luminous Panel - data sheet RGB
Luminous Panel - data sheet RGBW
Luminous Panel - data sheet W-W (White-White)

20 mm Aluminium frame - description
30 mm Magnetic frame – description
30 mm Magnetic frame – dimensions
LED Luminous Panel with Opal Cover

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Hansen products

Since 1984 the name Hansen stands for innovative and high-quality products for lighting projects. Having concentrated on neon in the past, it is now LED technology that stands in our focus as an energy-saving and versatile technology.

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