Radio Remote Controls

The new family of controllers works with radio signals, i.e. the receiver module is controlled with a remote control unit (transmitter). All functions can be controlled using this remote control. The transmitters have a transmission range of up to 30  metres.

The following functions can be implemented

  • Dimming of a single channel (single-colour dimming)
  • Push-pull dimming (e.g. from warm white to cool white)
  • RGB control (manually or automatically)
  • RGBW control (RGB with an additional white channel)

All receivers can be directly connected to 12 V LED loads. The dimming is achieved by means of a pulse-width modulated signal at the output.
Each receiver has four output channels, which can be loaded with 5 A (60 W). This results in a maximum overall wattage of the receiver of 240 W. There are three different receivers for the different types of operation (single-colour dimming, push-pull dimming and RGB/RGBW control).

There are two basic types of transmitters:
Wall-mount transmitters: These are designed for installation into standard flush-mount wall boxes. Despite their installation into walls, the transmitters for single-colour and push-pull dimming are battery-operated (CR2032) and do not require any supply cables. The wall-mount transmitter for RGB/RGBW requires a 12 V DC or a 230 V AC connection. The batteries have an expected lifetime of approx. two years.
Hand-held transmitters designed as remote control units for the usual hand-held operation. For single-colour dimming we offer an additional very small and handy pocket transmitter.

For further technical details and information please refer to the following links:

Information on Radio Remote Controls

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