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It is our aim to always provide you with the perfect solution. In this section you will find products complementing our main range of LED, neon and products offering you a comprehensive choice from a single source.

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Converter housings - overview
Converter cabinet
Converter box, 5-bay
Converter box, 10-bay

Inrush Current Limiter 16 A
Arc-fault protection switch
Temperature switch

Mains filter 5A
Mains filter 5A with inrush current limiter
Mains filter 5A (technical explanations)

Handbook Illuminated Advertising Signs - Part 1
Design Overview
2007, hardcover, 90 pages, ISBN 978-3-00-023307-4
Order: info(at)hansen-led.com 

Part 2 – currently only available in German:
Handbuch Lichtwerbung - Teil 2
Planung, Fertigung, Montage, Wartung
2010, Hardcover 250 Seiten, ISBN: 978-3-00-032257-0

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Hansen products

Since 1984 the name Hansen stands for innovative and high-quality products for lighting projects. Having concentrated on neon in the past, it is now LED technology that stands in our focus as an energy-saving and versatile technology.

The following pages provide you with a comprehensive overview of our offering. Our convenient database search helps you to find detailed information on each product.

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