The GALAXXIS 2.0 street lamp continues to gain ground as the German Federal Government is subsidizing municipalities to procure energy-efficient LED luminaires. The demand for more LED luminaires is increasing. Our development department has taken on this challenge with new products such as the EcoStar105, the LED hall luminaire for sports halls and industrial buildings, and STARLUXX 2.0, an adjustable LED downlight ideal for petrol stations and industrial roofs. Our Shaped LED Boards and the LED Facade Profile are very popular as well.


An anniversary year with many product innovations stimulates business. We look for new markets and attend many trade fairs to show our products. We present our luminaires for the furniture industry, craftspeople (joiners/carpenters/cabinet makers), interior designers and landscape architects. Our proven products such as the Luminous Panel are as much in demand as the newly developed ones. All products are planned and custom-made in-house. Made by hansen = Made in Germany



Customized production even in small numbers – this is something which continues to delight our customers, no matter if they are working in the illuminated advertising industry or the interior fit-out sector. LED light profiles with integrated converter or the LED replacement for E27 are on the rise. The hansen Luminous Panels remain unbeatable. Our LED products are supplemented by innovative radio remote controls, production is optimized, and new products are being developed: Our newcomer in 2015 is the Radar-LED.


Entering new markets – that is our aim. We are already well-known in the furniture making and interior fit-out industry, and tailor-made lighting solutions from hansen are very popular among planers and joiners/cabinet makers. We are now aiming at the elevator and the hotel and restaurant industry. Exhibition stand builders and shop fitters equally benefit from our custom-fit solutions, which are extremely energy-efficient as well. This is how we would like to continue, applying our vast experience of more than 15 years in LED technology to provide added value to our customers.


Providing tailor-made lighting solutions – that’s our ongoing commitment. Nothing from hansen is off-the-shelf. We supply bespoke solutions and competently support our customers in their projects. At the same time, we are looking to explore new markets. In March there will be a trade fair premiere for us: We will be exhibiting at the EuroShop in Düsseldorf – the first highlight of the year.
There will be some organizational changes: From the 1st of January, Hansen GmbH will take over the sales and distribution activities from Hansen Neon GmbH.


A year full of innovations. Our Rainbow-RGB technology is only one of many new developments. Advertising towers are successfully implemented using our converter boxes and cabinets. Our project-specific, custom-made products allow large-scale projects to be completed smoothly and trouble-free.
Everything from a single source – this is one of our strengths. From transformer manufacture to special converters, from soldering work to protective coating of LEDs, even lighting design is part of our daily business. More new and innovative products are in the pipeline ...

Our company history

Having started as a small business, our company has firmly established itself as an important player in the market. The key to our success is progress. We have always been striving to keep up with the times and further develop our technological achievements.

Here is a short overview of our company history:


The company “Neontechnik Hansen” is founded: The founder Hans-Thomas Hansen completed an apprenticeship as telecommunications technician, graduated in electrical engineering from the Flensburg University of Applied Sciences and worked for several years in Berlin before he started his own business together with his wife and another colleague at the age of 27.

Several garages and a wood storage facility at Süderstraße 1 in Viöl provide the space for future production.


The first electronic transformers (so-called converters) with integrated earth-leakage trip and VDE marking are available on the market: They come from Neontechnik Hansen.


Make two out of one: Instead of a single company, there is now the “Hansen GmbH, technologie-elektronik-licht”, responsible for the production, and the “Hansen GmbH” acting as a sales company. The Dane, Keld Verner Olsen, becomes the responsible partner and associate handling the increasing export of electronic converters from the export warehouse in Esbjerg/Denmark. Hansen present their extended range of converters at various national and international trade fairs. The annual production of converters reaches 12,000 devices.


A new office and production building at Westerende 28 in Viöl is acquired and converted: The successful sale of converters requires new capacities for the production of 17,500 devices per year.


70,000 converters per year: Two large orders lead to a massive increase in production.


From manual and home work to automatic SMD insertion: Small components are now being automatically inserted into the circuit boards resulting in increased reliability and speed. The production reaches 85,000 converters per year.


Construction of a new office and production building in Haselund: Meanwhile, the converter production has increased to 105,000 devices.


Hans-Thomas Hansen and Robert Munk acquire the company “Klinger-Neon” in Berlin. It is now responsible for the sales and distribution in Germany and is renamed to “Klinger – Neon Hansen & Munk GmbH”.


Expansion of the core business (neon converters) to include the production of LED technology: First tests with light emitting diodes are being carried out and a patent filed for the LED Tube. The converter production reaches 140,000 units.


The LED Tube becomes a “hit”: Its superior technical properties make this innovation the most important product besides the converters.


LED cannot be stopped: The production is increased, the future trend is clear.


Growth entails shortage of space: The rising demand for LED technology stretches our capacity to its limits.


A new 1,200 sqm production space is planned: 95,000 neon converters and 38,000 LED converters per year leave the factory in Haselund.


Start of the construction work for the production hall extension.


Active in the north and in the south: Completion of the new production hall and start of the distribution in Austria.


Hansen is growing: The company has now 76 employees, and a marketing department is set up.

The production of the LED Tube is still the main business besides the fabrication of neon and LED converters. But the demand for our LED Profiles and Luminous Panels rises. The latter becomes “product of the year 2010”.

The energy-efficient LED street lamp GALAXXIS is launched and generates a huge interest among local municipalities in northern Germany. 245 devices are sold by the end of the year.


The order situation remains very good: A new 2,200 sqm production hall is being built.

The Minister President of the state of Schleswig-Holstein visits the company on 12 May 2011 and is full of praise saying: “This shows once again how highly skilled we in Schleswig-Holstein are working”.

With the LED Pipe and the LED street lamp GALAXXIS 2.0 two further Hansen innovations establish themselves in the market. The LED Tube is again “product of the year 2011” – this time with the Power-2x100 LEDs providing a cost-efficient solution for more brightness.


The year is off to a good start: The demand for energy-efficient LED products is booming.

The Luminous Panels enjoy continued popularity and the LED Pipe makes a big appearance – on Times Square in New York!

The frame-mount LED spots are now available with 2.5 watts for a higher luminosity. While the LED street lamp GALAXXIS has been installed more than 2,000 times, other types of lamps such as the LED ceiling lamp STARLUXX are being developed. The construction of the new production hall is completed in autumn.


Die GALAXXIS 2.0 Straßenleuchte ist weiter auf dem Vormarsch: die Gemeinden werden in diesem Jahr vom Bund bei der Anschaffung energieeffizienter LED-Leuchten gefördert. Die Nachfrage nach weiteren LED-Leuchten steigt. Unsere Entwicklungsabteilung stellt sich diesen Herausforderungen. Neu bei uns: EcoStar105, die LED-Hallenleuchte für Sporthallen und Industrie. STARLUXX 2.0, der LED-Unterbau-Strahler ideal für Tankstellen- oder Industriedächer. Aber auch die Formgefrästen LED-Platten und das LED-Fassadenprofil kommen gut an.


Ein Jubiläumsjahr mit vielen Produkt-Innovationen belebt das Geschäft. Wir halten Ausschau nach neuen Märkten, besuchen viele Messen, stellen dort aus. Präsentieren unsere Leuchten für die Möbelindustrie, für Handwerker (Schreiner/Tischler) wie auch für Innen- und Gartenarchitekten. Die bewährten Produkte wie das LED-Flächenlicht sind genauso gefragt wie die neu entwickelten. Alles wird nach Maß in unserem Hause geplant und gefertigt. Made by hansen = Made in Germany


Kundenspezifische Fertigung auch in kleinen Stückzahlen - damit punkten wir immer wieder bei unseren Kunden, egal ob in der Lichtwerbebranche oder im Bereich des Innenausbaus. LED-Lichtprofile mit integriertem Converter oder der LED-Ersatz für E27 sind im Kommen. Unschlagbar ist nach wie vor das hansen-Flächenlicht. Unsere LED-Produkte werden ergänzt durch innovative Funksteuerungen, die Fertigung wird optimiert und neue Produkte werden entwickelt: unser Newcomer in 2015 ist die Radar-LED.


Neue Märkte erobern - das ist unsere Devise. Im Möbel- und Innenausbau sind wir bereits bekannt, bei Planern sowie Tischlern/Schreinern ist das Licht nach Maß von hansen ein Begriff. Gezielt gehen wir in die Aufzugsbranche, in die Hotellerie und die Gastronomie. Messe- und Ladenbauer profitieren von unserem passgenauen Licht, welches zudem immens energieeffizient ist. So kann es weitergehen, denn wir können auf über 15 Jahre Erfahrung in Sachen LED-Technologie zurückblicken und das kommt unseren Kunden zu Gute.


Licht  nach Maß – das schreiben wir uns immer wieder auf die Fahne. Denn bei hansen gibt es nichts von der Stange. Wir geben individuelle Lösungen und unterstützen kompetent unsere Kunden bei ihren Projekten. Weitere Märkte wollen wir erschließen. Im März gibt es eine Messepremiere: wir werden Aussteller auf der EuroShop in Düsseldorf. Das erste große Highlight des Jahres. Im Laufe des Jahres folgen vier weitere Messeauftritte. Organisatorisch hat sich bei uns etwas geändert. Ab dem 1. Januar übernimmt die  Hansen GmbH den Vertrieb der Hansen Neon GmbH.


Innovationen bestimmen das Jahr. Rainbow-RGB Technologie ist nur eine von vielen Neuentwicklungen aus unserem Hause. Werbetürme werden mit unseren Converterkästen und -schränken erfolgreich umgesetzt. Durch unsere projektspezifischen Sonderanfertigungen lassen sich Großprojekte problemlos realisieren.
Alles aus einer Hand - dadurch  zeichnen wir uns aus. Von der Übertragerfertigung bis zum Sonderconverter, von Lötarbeiten bis LED-Schutzlackierung, auch Lichtplanung ist unser Tagesgeschäft. Weitere neue bahnbrechende Produkte sind in Entwicklung...


CLEVERGLAS - das zuverlässige Flächenlicht ist weiterhin auf dem Vormarsch. Ob in der Küche oder im Bad, als Werbepylon im Außenbereich oder an der Fassade, CLEVERGLAS ist die Lösung. Unser zweites HIGHLIGHT ist eine kleine Platine mit großer Wirkung: Radar Indoor, die 24 Volt LED-Platine für flache Leuchtkästen im Innenbereich. Im Messebau genauso erfolgreich wie in der Ladengestaltung.
Ebenso vielfältig wie unsere Produkte sind auch unsere Messeauftritte in diesem Jahr: zwei Möbelmessen, eine Architektenmesse, eine Entwicklermesse und die Aufzugsmesse interlift, überall sind wir präsent.


Bright and beautiful:

Hansen products

Since 1984 the name Hansen stands for innovative and high-quality products for lighting projects. Having concentrated on neon in the past, it is now LED technology that stands in our focus as an energy-saving and versatile technology.

The following pages provide you with a comprehensive overview of our offering. Our convenient database search helps you to find detailed information on each product.

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