Bright and beautiful:

Hansen products

Since 1984 the name Hansen stands for innovative and high-quality products for lighting projects. Having concentrated on neon in the past, it is now LED technology that stands in our focus as an energy-saving and versatile technology.

The following pages provide you with a comprehensive overview of our offering. Our convenient database search helps you to find detailed information on each product.

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Impossible to overlook

Products for illuminated advertising and light planning

When it comes to putting businesses into a favourable light, we are the right partner for small and large projects. From sales displays to large-size illuminated channel letter signs – we ensure that your business gets the right attention. Our solutions are not only visually convincing, but also in terms of the technology used. And all our products are custom-made – quality made in Germany.

Creative highlights

Technology for light design

It is the infinite variety of design possibilities and the play of light and shadow which inspire artists and designers alike. As we share this fascination for light, we are more than happy to provide the technical support for such projects.

Setting the right accents

Lighting concepts for the home

Appropriate lighting directly influences our well-being. A decisive factor is not only the visual effect but also its practical value. While relaxation areas, for example, call for subdued light sources, working areas require bright lighting. Both architects and light planners consider us a competent partner for the implementation of their concepts.

Perfectly put into focus

Product presentation with Hansen

Light creates atmosphere. Therefore, an attractive and high-quality presentation is vital to put products and services into the right focus. We can contribute to a successful realisation taking into consideration any possible technical constraints.

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